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  • Do you have a minimum call-out?

    Pioneer guarantees our employees a minimum of four hours’ pay for reporting to work. As such, we charge a four hour minimum call-out plus travel time in order to recoup the cost.

  • Are you insured?

    Pioneer carries workers compensation, commercial general liability and automobile liability insurance.

  • What types of screenings are performed on your employees?

    All Pioneer employees are required to pass an employment eligibility verification, a pre-employment background check and are drug and alcohol tested annually.

  • What are your lead times for scheduling work?

    Depending on the staffing requirements, we can typically schedule a crew with 24 hours’ notice. Larger scale projects require additional lead time to ensure all details are covered and the proper staff is assigned.

  • Does Pioneer charge to perform site surveys?

    Pioneer does not charge to perform a site survey to determine the scope of work and prepare a cost estimate for the project.

  • Does Pioneer perform work outside of Houston and Texas?

    Pioneer provides services across the United States. We have developed partnerships with many service companies across the country to provide interstate transportation or labor services. Depending on the size and scope of the project, Pioneer will either provide staff from our Houston office or work with a partner company in the in which city the work is to be performed.

  • Will Pioneer dispose of damaged furniture or trash after a move?

    Yes, Pioneer will remove and dispose of your trash or unwanted furniture after a move. Depending on the items, they will either be disposed of in a construction dumpster or delivered to a recycling company to be recycled.

  • Will Pioneer help sell unwanted furniture during a move?

    The value of used furniture is based primarily on market demand. In the event there is no intrinsic market value, the furniture can usually be sold for scrap and the proceeds can be applied to the cost of removing the furniture. If the furniture has intrinsic value, Pioneer can coordinate with national exchange networks to determine the fair market value and help locate potential buyers of used furniture assets.

  • Does Pioneer have a good safety record?

    Pioneer’s safety record is “best in class.” Pioneer is routinely recognized by The Texas Mutual Insurance Company as one of their top 100 safest companies. Texas Mutual is the largest worker’s compensation insurance carrier in Texas, with more than 53,000 policy holders. Pioneer is also a member of PICS Consortium and ISNetworld.

  • Does Pioneer have the experience and adequate resources to handle large relocation projects?

    Pioneer has provided services in support of the largest office relocations and corporate mergers in the Houston area since 1972. In addition to performing office relocations, Pioneer has extensive experience relocating large laboratories, computer rooms and file rooms. Pioneer’s large staff of fulltime employees, equipment and vehicles enables us to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously.

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