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Project Planning & Coordination

The purpose of planning and coordination is to identify and document necessary actions to ensure that projects are accomplished on time, within budget, without incident and with minimal disruption to the work flow. Critical and sensitive requirements are identified and carefully scrutinized with the customer. It is important that strategic project schedules correspond with specific scope requirements. Effective planning and coordination is essential to the success of any project endeavor regardless of size or scope. Project planning and coordination is a collaborative effort and involves project management, operations and supervisory personnel. Pioneer has the necessary resources and experience to develop and execute an effective project plan resulting in the culmination of a successful outcome.

Project Management

Pioneer relies heavily on the combined experience and expertise of our project management team to efficiently manage and coordinate all project activities from beginning to end. Project management personnel track the overall progress and make operational and resource changes as necessary to ensure project success. Project management provides the customer with continual status updates throughout the course of the project and immediately resolves any outstanding customer concerns.

Conference Room/Audio Visual Setups

Pioneer’s audio visual group will professionally arrange your conferencing furniture to accommodate varying seating requirements. We will maintain and operate your AV equipment to ensure performance and availability when needed. It is generally more productive and economical for Pioneer to provide your AV support rather than tasking personnel that are typically assigned to other duties within your company.

Furniture Installation & Reconfiguration

Pioneer provides turn-key furniture installation and reconfiguration services for any size project. Our expert design team can design a CAD workspace plan to meet your specific reconfiguration requirements. Our large fulltime staff of furniture technicians enables Pioneer to support several furniture activities simultaneously. Office furniture installations involve several key components including professionally trained and experienced furniture technicians, rigorous attention to detail, extensive pre-planning and thorough execution. Pioneer has successfully completed furniture installations for the most recognizable companies for over 40 years. Our furniture installation and reconfiguration experience is extensive.

IT Support

Pioneer’s experienced IT group skillfully disconnects and reconnects computers, monitors and printers. We expertly perform and verify power and network connectivity essentials. Pioneer developed and introduced innovative IT handling materials and processes that are now commonly used industry-wide. The protection of CPU’s, monitors and ancillary IT items during a move is critical to ensure continuity and productivity of your employees. Getting computers properly positioned and connected in a timely manner is essential in reducing employee down time. Pioneer has the resources to perform large IT projects within a short timeframe.

Line Haul

Pioneer is an affiliate of a select network of leading line haul carriers that provide transport of materials from city to city or state to state. We can coordinate and schedule pickup and delivery of materials in accordance with your needs. Additional insurance requirements can be arranged. Special packing and handling of materials can be expertly performed by Pioneer’s packing and material handlers.

Administrative / Clerical Services

Pioneer provides a variety of administrative and clerical support services including mail room operations and shipping and receiving. We have the resources and experience to support both routine and unique work requirements. Support durations may be short or long term and may be daily or on an as needed basis.

Upholstery Services

Choose from a wide selection of fabrics, colors and textures to create a new company brand or to preserve your existing look and style. Samples can be viewed in our showroom or provided to you for your selection. Our experienced upholstery technicians can create masterpieces that will enhance your work environment. Let our professional upholstery specialist show you various possibilities.

Refinishing & Refurbishment

You might be surprised that the cost to refurbish furniture is often less than the cost of new furniture. Consult with Pioneer before tossing out valued items. Refinishing can usually be done on-site if adequate ventilation is available. If not, the work can be done in Pioneer’s environmentally compliant finish and upholstery shop. We will make your treasured furniture look new again. If you have furniture items that are worth keeping but need to be renewed, let us show you how we can help.

Asset Disposal & Recycling

Pioneer can help you dispose of your company’s unwanted furniture. Through our association with national exchange networks we can help you determine fair market value for your furniture and identify potential buyers. The value of used furniture is based primarily on market demand. In the event there is no intrinsic market value, the furniture can usually be sold for scrap and the proceeds applied to the cost of removing the furniture.

Pioneer is committed to the use of processes that do not adversely affect the environment, including improving operations to minimize waste, preventing air, water and other pollution, minimizing health and safety risks, and disposing of waste safely and responsibly. Additionally, Pioneer practices conservation of natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials and using recyclable packaging and other materials. Our overall corporate strategy relative to the environment is to be an environmentally responsible neighbor and act promptly and responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety or the environment. Approximately 60 percent of the paper products we purchase for resale are made from recycled materials, and approximately 90 percent of disposable paper products are recycled.


Pioneer provides custom carpentry and millwork using high quality building materials. Custom cabinets, conference tables and other specialty items can be professionally designed and built to specification by our expert carpentry and millwork specialists. Pioneer will work directly with the customer or with the customer’s general contractor. Our millwork specialist would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your carpentry or millwork needs. Custom millwork adds a new dimension and brings life to an otherwise mundane workspace. You might want to consider the possibilities of updating your kitchen area or storage areas with new cabinets.

Heavy Material Handling

Pioneer provides heavy material handling using experienced crews and specialized equipment. Machine skates, special equipment dollies and compact lift jacks are typically used to safely lift, move and handle heavy materials. Pioneer can provide comprehensive solutions for your heavy material handling requirements. In addition to the handling of heavy materials Pioneer can coordinate the scheduling and transporting of materials to your desired destination.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Pioneer can provide a variety of support elements of your supply chain including management of inbound freight, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, outbound freight, labeling, pick and pack and cross docking services. We can customize a 3PL package to address your particular logistics needs. Pioneer can provide one or many of a variety of logistics-related services in support of your supply chain management functions. We will be delighted to discuss our 3PL capabilities and how we might streamline your supply chain objectives.

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